Footwear & Gloves

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motorcycle gloves

We take your protection seriously.

We offer official Bates, Ride Tecs and Milwaukee motorcycle boots for men and ladies at the best prices in town.

Ask anyone who wears them: they are built to last and they keep you safe and protected.

We also carry a great number of gloves, from summer fingerless mittens to winter, insulated waterproof gauntlets.  All of them in multiple sizes.

See our photo galleries below.


Word from Greg and Margene: 
In our weather, having good gloves is paramount to riding safely. We take great care in selecting our glove suppliers. We know the brands we take onboard: there are many manufacturers, but few really do a great job at protecting a rider against the cold and the rain. Because we protect the reputation of Renegade Tri-cities and because we care for our brothers bikers, we won’t carry brands that don’t respect bikers’ safety and cut corners in their product manufacturing.

Greg & Margene Stricklin
Bikers and owners of Renegade Tri-cities
Serving Kennewick, Pasco and Richland


Note that the store is not always stocked up in your size or the exact model you want. Some of the photos may show a model that has been discontinued or that is simply not in stock. In most cases, we can order the model and get it in store within a few days.

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