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Renegade Classics Tri-cities carries a large selection of helmets, DOT and NON-DOT.

With one goal: To find you the helmet that fits your head and budget.

Our staff has become expert at helmet-fitting and our selection is wide enough to get you the helmet that fits your head right. What is the shape of your noggin? Round? Oval? Semi-oval? Extra-large? Extra-tall? No worries: together we’ll figure out exactly the helmet that fits you perfectly. You won’t need to come back and try again.

Is the style of your helmet important to you? Through a lot of experimenting, we have picked the best styles from Bell, HJC, LS-2, Daytona, Vega. Speed and Strength. We carry them in all sizes: from Junior to XXS to 5X (when available).

Every biker has their own strong opinion on helmets. Whether you prefer a ‘shortie’ half (we have the best selection in town) or a 3/4 motorcycle helmet with a shield, or a full-face helmet or a modular (flip-up) full-face, we have your preferred style at great prices!

Novelty helmets? Got ’em! We offer germans, beanies and jockeys by Voss.

Some prices:

Shorty helmets start at just $59.95. 3/4 open faces with drop-down shields are on offer from $99.95. Modulars: from $179.95.

Renegade Classics Tri-cities truly offers a great helmet selection for Harley, Cruiser and Touring riders in Kennewick, Pasco and Richland!